Love & Marriage

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ANSWERS FOR YOUR MARRIAGE [HINDI] - आपकी शादी के जवाब [हिंदी]

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आंसर्स फॉर योर मैरिज प्यार, सेक्स और बच्चों के पालन-पोषण से जुड़े गंभीर सवालों और मुद्दों से संबंधित है। यह उन लोगों के लिए एक मददगार मार्गदर्शक होगा जो जल्द ही शादी करने की योजना बना रहे हैं और...
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Exploring God's Love in Everyday Life: Readings to help children gr...

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A sister title to Side by Side with God in Everyday Life, this book seeks to nurture adults and children alike in addressing and wrestling with issues of faith and life. The material offers a reflective, interactive resource for...
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Getting Ready for Marriage

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Author: Hardin, Jerry D. Brand: Thomas Nelson Format: Import Number Of Pages: 292 Details: Product Description The saying goes "When you marry, you don't just marry an individual, you marry a whole family."  But more specifically, you are marrying...
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Rule of Love, The

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God is Love vs. love is God Our culture’s view of love—with no boundaries or judgments or conditions—justifies whatever our hearts want and whatever our hearts feel, rejecting any authority that gets in the way. Falsely heralded as the...
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Now What?: The Chapman Guide to Marriage After Children (Chapman Gu...

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Author: Chapman, Gary Format: Import Number Of Pages: 89 Details: In a guide that helps couples create a godly framework for dealing with common issues once kids are in the picture, spouses will discover how to keep their marriage...
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United in Marriage by One Lord: God's Wisdom on Intermarriage in a ...

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Author: Roberts, GrahamFormat: ImportNumber Of Pages: 148Details: We are living at a very crucial time when innumerable questions are asked about the sacred institution of marriage. Yet they are all the more pressing in our increasingly pluralistic communities, where...
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10 Ways to Say "I Love You": Embracing a Love That Lasts

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To have and to hold from this day forward, to love and to cherish... That's where all the romance novels end, but it's not the end of your love story. The wedding vows are just the beginning of your...
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Fierce Marriage: Radically Pursuing Each Other in Light of Christ's...

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Ryan and Selena Frederick were newlyweds when they landed in Switzerland to pursue Selena's dream of training horses. Neither of them knew at the time that Ryan was living out a death sentence brought on by a worsening genetic...
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After The Wedding Bells: Laying a strong foundation for a healthy m...

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This book will help newlywed couples to get an excellent start in their relationship by addressing foundational matters of marriage and instruct how to avoid common pitfalls of newly marrieds. It will provide couples insights into marital and relational...
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If My Husband Would Change, I'd Be Happy (GS)

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In this book author Rhonda Stoppe shares, with candour and humour, how to enrich your relationship with your husband (even if he doesn?t change). Along the way you?ll read many helpful stories and real-life examples from other couples and...
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Building a marriage God's way

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Building a Marriage God?s Way offers solution to understand one another in the deepest and most intimate way. And helps couples discover the wonder of marriage union. Trust in the Lord is of vital importance as He Himself has...
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Political Agape: Christian Love and Liberal Democracy (Emory Univer...

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What is the place of Christian love in a pluralistic society dedicated to “liberty and justice for all”? What would it mean to take both Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln seriously and attempt to translate love of God and...
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