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GRACE AWAKENED LEADERSHIP [GUJARATI] - ગ્રેસ જાગૃત નેતૃત્વ [ગુજરાતી]

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George Verwers approach to mission is down-to-earth, honest and thoroughly biblical. His books prepare and encourage readers for new challenges. Grace Awakened Leadership is a plea for reality, and readers may be driven deeper into Gods Word to know...
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WHY PRO-LIFE [GUJARATI] - શા માટે પ્રો-લાઇફ [ગુજરાતી]

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No issue is more divisive or troubling than abortion. Many believe that we have to choose between helping women and helping children. This book shows how critical it is that we help both. In a concise, nonabrasive fashion, Randy...
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More Drops (Gujarati) - વધુ ટીપાં (ગુજરાતી)

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Sequel to his earlier book Drops from a Leaking Tap George Verwer gives a vivid account of his life as a mission leader. Itメs a most Inspirational and read worthy book that tells the life of a doyen in...
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MIGHTY PREVAILING PRAYER [GUJARATI] - શકિતશાળી પ્રચલિત પ્રાર્થના [ગ...

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God has a more effective prayer life for you than you ever dreamed possible. Let this volume be your open door to wonderful answers to prayer. Here is your personal guide to a life of mighty prevailing prayer. Let...
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REVOLUTION OF LOVE [GUJARATI] - પ્રેમની ક્રાંતિ [ગુજરાતી]

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George Verwer?s classic message The Revolution of Love has been used to point men and women to this central theme of the Christian life for over twenty-five years. In this updated edition it is joined by more recent messages...
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ALONE IN MAJESTY (GUJARATI) - અલોન ઇન મેજેસ્ટી (ગુજરાતી)

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In Alone in Majesty, highly renowned Bible scholar and author, William Mac Donald investigates the characteristics of God, those unique to him and those he shares with humanity. This indispensable Bible study resource offers you a fresh vision of God’s attributes...
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DROPS FROM A LEAKING TAP [GUJARATI] - લીકીંગ નળમાંથી ટપકવું [ગુજરાતી]

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Drops from a Leaking Tap narrates and assesses how, in spite of a mixture of the ups and downs, lives that are committed to Jesus can move forward to His purposes. The book illustrates George Verwer?s several experiences from...
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THINK OF YOUR FUTURE [GUJARATI] - તમારા ભવિષ્ય વિશે વિચારો [ગુજરાતી]

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To serve in a small way is a noble vocation in this age where the world glorifies success in business and the professions. To be a garbage collector in the will of God is better than to be the...
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TRUE DISCIPLESHIP [GUJARATI] - સાચું શિષ્યત્વ [ગુજરાતી]

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To be a disciple of the Lord Jesus, one must forsake all. This is the unmistakable meaning of the words of the Saviour. No matter how much we might object to such an ?extreme? demand, no matter how much...
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FORWARD IN FAITH (GUJARATI) - ફોરવર્ડ ઇન ફેઇથ (ગુજરાતી)

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“Forward in Faith” conducts the reader from Pharaohs’ land of bondage into the Promised Land of spiritual blessing. It will encourage a life of faith by contemplating the awesome Holiness of God; the ‘Finished Work’ of the Lamb of...
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THE MASTER'S CALL [GUJARATI] - ધ માસ્ટર્સ કોલ [ગુજરાતી]

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The four testimonies chronicled in the pages of this book chart the spiritual journey of two couples who were born and raised in the Muslim faith; ordinary, faithful Muslims living simple, uncomplicated lives, until they were accosted by the...
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GODS AMAZING GRACE [GUJARATI] - ભગવાનની અદ્ભુત કૃપા [ગુજરાતી]

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Gods Amazing Grace takes the readers on a thrilling expedition to discover the breath-taking heights and soul-stirring depths of Gods Grace. It is one of the key issues of Christianity, characterized by a clarity and economy of words in...